If you are interested in volunteering, Contact Us.  

​A partial list of volunteer positions needed:

·  Skilled volunteer labor​

·  Grant Writers
·  Fundraising Assistance​
·  Attorneys to assist with civil cases 
·  Apartments owners who would provide free, or discounted 
rent to victims 
·  Hotel owners who would provide free, or discounted,
rooms to victims 

Positive Energy

We need prayer, positive energy, good vibes or whatever you choose to verbalized as the non-tangible caring and support for this endeavor.  Our mission is to give victims a safe place to heal, so that they can become whole persons, confident and comfortable with who they are as a thriving survivor.

​​Volunteer Time 

We are in immediate need of a PR team including graphic designers, article writers, workshop leaders, letter writers, web content creators, social media activists, and more.  As a volunteer, you will be helping to promote the mission of Phoenix Rising, educate others, advocate for survivors, and help bring programs to the local community.  Grant writing skills, fundraising ideas, and feet on the ground are all a vital part of helping.  Human trafficking victims need compassionate listeners, teachers, mentors and intensive counseling. The board and executive director will need support in accomplishing its goal of helping children, youth, and women heal from all the trauma they have endures.