Broadway United Methodist Church                        Christ United Methodist Church
CenterPointe Church                                               Greenwood Park Church of Christ 

Broadway United Methodist Women                        Christ United Methodist Women 
South Central District United Methodist Women      St. James United Methodist Women
State St. United Methodist Women                          Rockfield United Methodist Women
Campground United Methodist Women                   Firefly collection Franklin KY

Individual Donors 
Steve and Judy Cavanaugh            Dr. Linda Tidwell           David and Carolyn Dimeo

Broadway UMW Meeting                                     Christ UMW Meeting        

State St. UMW Meeting                                       St. James UMW Meeting           

Faith UMC Meeting                                              Rockfield UMW Meeting 
The Wesley Meeting                  ​​                          Journey Women's Conference

South Central District United Methodist Women Meeting

South Central Community and Technical College        

Lindsey Wilson College End It Week keynote 
Bowling Green Warren County Interfaith Meeting    

Thank you to all who have supported our mission... 

To those who sponsored and participated in our first annual conference...

If you would like to participate in or sponsor our 2nd annual conference, please contact us.

Thank You